This is the first blog i'm typing and I haven't a clue how to go about it. I've been meaning to do this for quite some time. But, somehow didn't find the right topics to start.
That was until I had this sudden urge to sew clothes. No, I haven't gone to any classes. No, I don't have a seamstress for a mother. And no, I donot want to brag! But, when I told my love, my husband about this. He was quite supportive. He bought me my first sewing machine (Toyota FSR21) two days later. And that was 2 weeks back.
Since then, I've made a dress for my daughter (2 1/2 year old), one for my niece, a neighbor and myself! 
And how did i learn to do all that without going to class?
At home!
In front of my laptop!
With my internet connection!
And there you have! All the classes you need! All the DIYs and tutorials you can ever get from all the most talented peoples in all over the world. 

And then I wanted to BRAG! What better way to do that than blogging, i thought! :))
Don't run away! I promise I wont brag and this blog is just to share my works and projects as it happens! And maybe link back to a few tutorials that inspired me! :) 

Stay tuned! And you guessed it right! I've ran out of fabric to try out new outfits for my doll of a daughter and thus the time to blog!

When I'm not sewing, I'm either cleaning up my home, cooking, or goofing around with my daughter and hubby! 

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